Bodacious Tomato™
Organic Ketchup

One taste of Bodacious Tomato™ Ketchup and you will never go back to standard ketchup again. Made with the finest organic ingredients in the world, and naturally sweetened with Honey Bunny™ Organic honey. Bodacious Tomato™ Ketchup is gluten free.

Bodacious Tomato™ Ketchup is available in 500ml (1lb 5oz) pouches. Our stand up re-sealable pouch is a perfect fit in the door of your fridge as well as a take along on camping trips.  In formulating our Bodacious Tomato™ Organic Ketchup, balancing sweetness, saltiness and viscosity was paramount to our team.  There is nothing better than a grilled cheese sandwich dipped in Bodacious Tomato™ Ketchup.

$6.00 + Shipping (CAD)

Bodacious Tomato Ketchup
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